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Michael Bay to resurrect Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Metro writes: "The famous turtles in half shells are set to be written into a new script soon, which will be overseen by Bay and Platinum Dunes.

Platinum Dunes is the director’s production company, which normally specialise in slasher films like A Nightmare On Elm Street - sparking rumours that Ninja Turtles will be a dark version of the kid’s cartoon."

darklordzor4873d ago

I could have sworn that a new turtles movie was announced a long time ago, and that they even had auditions last summer for it. Did the property change hands again?

Cyrus3654873d ago

Are you thinking of the CGI one? That was done by John Woo? That did come out...

darklordzor4873d ago

No, I remember that one and it was by Mirage Studios. They announced the start of the new live action film (even had a rough release date) when the rights were sold to the new company.

I remember they did try-outs for martial artists in Vegas (held by Ernie Reyes) because there were tons of sites promoting it. That and my friend was there at the time for the Martial Arts Trade Show, so he barely missed the try-out.

Cyrus3654873d ago

hmmm never heard that before, but if it was sold, probably put everything in limbo!

I wonder what Bay will do to this, I guess April will be played by Megan Fox or someone of similar like! ;)

And Shai LeBelwof as Casey Jones?

amsdesignphoto4873d ago

I thought it was too (could be wrong). I remember the cartoon one. Now, I'm curious to see the direction this one will take. I'll most likely see it at some point because I loved the original cartoon and film.

If Megan Fox steps near that film, I'll scream. Sorry, she couldn't play April.

darklordzor4865d ago

I knew I wasn't crazy. There was a casting call for the movie last year!


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