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It's been a blast: Emotional Simon Cowell thanks fans on farewell American Idol show

He made his name with his withering put downs and caustic commentary. But last night Simon Cowell dropped the Mr Nasty act as he took a final bow on American Idol after nine years of being the head judge on the show.

Contestants and celebrities paid tribute to Cowell, 50, in film and in song during last night's season finale, which was screened last night in the U.S. and will show in the UK tonight.

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Farmhand4755d ago

I dont think that Idol will survive for long without a judge like him.

darklordzor4753d ago

Well he created the show, and when the creator leaves, it's really just time to call it quits. I never thought he was mean, but he was honest, and for a show like that, honesty is what was needed. And that worries me that they'll try and get a judge to replace him who is mean, not honest. There is a difference.