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'Human Centipede: The Game' updates the arcade classic with a horror twist

Using the idea from the horror film of the same name, one intrepid fan has taken the liberty of updating the arcade game 'Centipede' to create a game based on the movie. Instead of the gross horror the film exudes, the game instead takes a more humorous approach to the concept.

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mediafrenzii3976d ago

I've never seen the Human Centipede but I think I'll have to give it a watch.

amsdesignphoto3976d ago

I skipped the game just to see the trailer. I have a feeling that could cause some horrific nightmares. That's scary what could possibly happen. Just imagine what power the govt has with science. What are they doing that the public doesn't know about? I'm waiting for them to hear about mixing animal and human. Taking the human werewolf to the extreme. Freaky when you think about it.

jarodwarren3976d ago

As I've said before, watch this one film if you dare. They really pull off the unspeakable. And remember, it could actually be done in real life, making it all the more terrifying. The game itself, after seeing the film, was all the more trippy and insane.

So far our scientists have cloned animals, created a fully synthetic living cell, and has developed the ability to grow human parts on animals. Can't wait for the research testing. What unlocked potential awaits within your body?

amsdesignphoto3976d ago

It gives me goosebumps.

I'm not sure I'm bold enough to watch it. I think it scares me too much. Last time I felt this way was when I saw Gremlins as a young child. I couldn't watch it until I was in college (sad yes), but this is a whole new ball park. Maybe ignorance is bliss in this case?