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Megan Fox To Star In New Pirates Of The Caribbean Movie?

Showbiz Spy: MEGAN Fox is set to get the ultimate revenge on Transformers director Michael Bay — by accepting a role in the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

The actress — who apparently quit the action flick after Bay told her she looked unhealthily thin — is already busy plotting her comeback.

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PS360WII4757d ago

Where does Penelope Cruz fit in? Or any of the noobs in the franchise ;)

Either way she's just trading in being eye candy with no lines from one large scale movie to the next. While good for her on getting back into a major franchise she won't be strutting her acting skills at time soon still.

darklordzor4756d ago

I still like all the reports saying she quit the film, even though she didn't start saying that until well after they announced she was cut...Anyway, I want her to stay away from Pirates. I love those films and really want this one to be good (3rd one left me wanting).

Farmhand4756d ago

meh, while she is a really good looking chick, I just dont think that the movie itself will benefit from her being it.

darklordzor4756d ago

No movie really benefits from her being in it. Her looks are about it.

amsdesignphoto4756d ago

I do admit she did gain my attention in Jennifer's Body but I don't think that was a far stretch from who she might really be as a person.

I love Pirates and not sure if I'd like to see her in the next movie.

PaPa-Slam4756d ago

I hope for the sake of her career that the role she gets to play in POTC isn't a short one.