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Megan Fox Too Skinny For Transformers 3?

Showbiz Spy: MEGAN Fox was left furious when Transformers director Michael Bay told the actress she looked “unhealthy” and that he wanted her to put on weight for the third film in the movie franchise — and that’s why she quit the project, insiders say.

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darklordzor4461d ago

I'm still not buying the "she quit" reasoning. I think she got dumped from the film for being a Queen B and is now thinking of anyway possible to keep smearing Michael Bay.

Farmhand4461d ago

I dont know a whole lot about the situation, but what you are saying sounds true. I do seem to remember hearing about her getting put of the movie before any talk of her "quitting".

Off Topic though, god I love this site right here. I like it better than the other newsboiler sites. Cant wait to see this site take off like N4G did.

amsdesignphoto4461d ago

She looks like she has attitude. What director wants to deal with a Diva when it's easy to replace them? It isn't like she's an exceptional actress who can accept or decline positions because she doesn't really need the role. As much as I enjoy watching the autobot transformations... I'm wondering how the third one will pan out. Most likely a success regardless of who's playing in it.

darklordzor4461d ago

The problem with Transformers is that no matter how terrible it's going to make money. It's like the film transforms into a money printing machine. I hope this one is better, because just about all of them have come out and admitted the 2nd one wasn't their best work. Maybe now they'll put effort in it.

Farmhand4461d ago

yep, the second one blew chunks. The first one got a lot of heat by fans, but I thought it was a terrific action movie.

The thing that bothers me is that the people involved in the movies are talking down the second one, while trying to hype the third one. Reminds me of the Star Wars ep. 1 trash talk by the actors when it was time to release Star Wars ep. II.

jarodwarren4461d ago

I'm just glad she's out and done. The woman cannot act, she is a product of the industry, and is a shining example of the tawdry tactics used by modern Hollywood to make money.

Whatever happened to the Old Hollywood attitude?

Farmhand4461d ago

the old hollywood attitude is the same today as it was way back when. Just look at the old Marlyn Monroe films and before her it was Ginger Rogers. What I am trying to say is if it was socially acceptable back then to where "slutty" clothes and have "frank" sex talk, you wouldnt be able to tell the differnce.

Hollywood was made on sex idols, it just wasnt as blatant.