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Top 50 science fiction television shows of all time

Boston:'s entertainment staff decided to take a look at some of the science fiction genre shows you may very well know. Based on years of sci fi viewing experience and through a variety of online sources, we've come up with our picks for the Top 50 science fiction shows of all time.

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PS360WII4378d ago

I do like that Sci-Fi is popular on TV because you get a lot more hours of watching then you do with a movie.

Farmhand4378d ago

I would be hard pressed to put my fav scifi shows in some kind of order. Heroes would be in the top five if they hadnt went off the deep end and got their buts canceled.

Farmhand4378d ago

even though it was short lived, Firefly would be up near the top though.

PS360WII4378d ago

Heck yeah Firefly belongs on any SciFi list! Dang Fox -.- they even messed around with Sliders when it was on as well.

Assumedkilla4377d ago

I wouldn't count Lost as sci-fi, since it's a 90% fantasy and 10% sci-fi mixture. However, if I had to, then it would be number one. Sliders being in the top 10 is funny, but it being better than Lost makes me LMAO.