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Urban CineFile Review - Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Urban CineFile:

Trust your heart is the moral of this large scale swashbuckling tale filled with sword play, thrilling non-stop action and a hint of romance. Based on a video game, director Mike Newell has pulled out all stops to deliver an energetic and visually exciting adventure whose themes are ambition and betrayal. The first thing to notice is that the film looks fabulous. Through John Seale's lens, we are immersed in the exotic Morocco-for-Persia locations: we almost feel as though we need to cover our face to protect us from the desert's penetrating dust. A super-buffed, fit and charismatic Jake Gyllenhaal (with excellent English accent) makes a dashing hero as Prince Dastan, whose street smarts are key to his mission of saving the world from a mystical and lethal sandstorm.

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