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C'mon Hollywood: Movie tickets are getting too damn expensive


I’ve always loved going to the movies, be it drive-in (I saw E.T. and MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE at the drive-in though in all honesty I don’t much remember the experience beyond the fact that it was my first date as a kid and the girl I was with fell asleep which I’m told made me angry), the plain Jane theatre experience or the newest IMAX and 3-D experiences. Don’t get me wrong though, I also have a distinct fondness for those back rooms you see in electronics stores with the pimped out surround sound system set up around a nice comfy chair as well. I’ve built myself a similar home system and enjoy it rather shamelessly. But when push comes to shove I always jump at the opportunity to hit the theatre, though I must admit the prices are getting beyond ridiculous lately.


How OpenAI’s “Sora” Affects The Future of Filmmaking

Shaz from FL writes: "OpenAI's "Sora" is concerning for many reasons, the future of filmmaking being one of them."

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The Holdovers Review - Adventure, Calamity, and Family | Everyone Gaming

Academy Award-winning director Alexander Payne stands out as one of my favourite directors who captures the pain, family struggle, friendship, and life itself in a unique but powerful and compelling way, The Holdovers is no different

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2023 Emmy Awards: The Complete Winners List

The biggest night of the year dedicated to television, The Emmys, made it's long awaited return this month. Several popular shows enjoyed several nominations such as Succession, Better Call Saul and The Last of Us