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IGN: Lost: "The End" Review

Lost may have found its closure with "The End" but the discussion surrounding the mysteries left unanswered will continue for years to come. It's comforting to know that Lost will continue to evolve and grow through discussion, not only on message boards and around the water cooler, but also in academic circles. Lost may be gone, but it will hardly be forgotten.

PS360WII4759d ago

Another one who finds it was all real. ah well I'll keep my thoughts to myself then.

I have to say, island protector story wise, Jacob/MiB and Jack/Locke are pretty similar even if Jacob wanted it to be a choice. The Mother never intended for Jacob to be the protector of the island much like Jack never wanted the island. While The Mother assumed MiB would be the island protector while Locke pretty much assumed he was the guardian already.

So pretty equal in roles just without Allison Janney leading us to more questions ;)