Fan made 'Scream 4' poster and teaser manage to fool movie journalists around the net

In event of the upcoming 'Scream 4', an enthusiastic artist creates a powerful, yet appealing poster design to awe crowds. The artist doesn't stop there as the individual creates a bone-chilling teaser trailer to lure and excite film junkies!

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mediafrenzii4761d ago

The poster looks good but with the teaser I would definitely question why not one piece of new footage was used. Of course I wouldn't have doubted it if I hadn't read your article.

amsdesignphoto4761d ago

a small snippet would have been nice even if it was for a brief second just to lure you in to watch the teaser again.

darklordzor4761d ago

This had me totally fooled. I saw this on another site yesterday and nearly posted it as the real deal...but I didnt' have the time. Now I'm glad I didn't. Thanks for finding this out.

It's a really impressive design though, and I hope it's from a fan who's actually using that talent.

darklordzor4761d ago

Yeah whoever made this has some serious talent, and needs a job somewhere.

PaPa-Slam4761d ago

DAMN, i saw this on CinemaBelnd and i completely bought it.

darklordzor4760d ago

That's exactly where I first saw it too.