Are secretive directors killing their own films?

Film directors are becoming notorious for keeping their upcoming films under lock and key, ensuring next to no information on a film's plot is released ahead of time. But is that such a good idea? The Movie Pool discusses why keeping secrets can contribute to a film's demise.

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mediafrenzii4761d ago

I think I fell victim to the hype of Cloverfield and was let down. It was a good movie but the hype it had combined with die hard Abrams fans raving about the film made me think it was gonna be the equivalent of a cinematic orgasm...and it wasn't.

darklordzor4759d ago

I really liked Cloverfield, though it did leave me wanting just a little bit more. I thought it was a great new take on the monster genre.

jarodwarren4761d ago

I actually have to say that when the hype breaks the horizon, I avoid the film until the reviews are in. It's a sad way to go and I have missed some good films on opening day because of it, but not enough to really break the desire to avoid the deluge of crap.

Big actors, secret plots, fake scripts online, and other attempts at subterfuge do not get my attention, they merely annoy me and keep me away until the DVD arrives.

darklordzor4761d ago

I'm just tired of getting all excited for a movie and being disappointed. I don't think directors need to give everything away, but being so tight-lipped isn't a good thing either.