Reelviews Review: Survival of the Dead

Reelviews: For a 20 year period, from the release of Day of the Dead in 1985 to the opening of Land of the Dead in 2005, George A. Romero was off doing other things. Since then, however, this one-time horror innovator has become a one-trick pony. Admittedly, his decision to make more movies about zombies may have had something to do with their return to popularity in the mid-2000s.

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darklordzor4460d ago

I love Romero, and watch everything he does, but lately he's just lost his muster. The last few dead films haven't been that great, and it's been up to other zombie flicks to film the gap. He's supposed to be the Zombie master (which all other horror director's look up to) but he's had some poor showings lately. I had such hopes for this film though...

thedisagreefairy4460d ago

budget for movies ever since land of the dead.

i was one of the few who did like that movie. if he had more money, maybe he could pull of another masterpiece, like DotD.

PaPa-Slam4460d ago (Edited 4460d ago )

I love Romero & his movies, But i will not agree about the problem being the lower budget, movies are brilliant regardless of budget, if done right, Example *Paranormal Activity & District 6*.

I think he is just not putting his heart into his movies anymore.