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N-Philes: MacGruber Review

N-Philes writes: "It comes as no surprise to me that we haven't gotten a Saturday Night Live-based movie after The Ladies Man hit the bottom of the barrel nearly a decade ago. And now, disregarding all the great Bill Hader and Andy Samberg characters, they choose to base one off a brief, taped sketch involving a MacGyver parody character. My reaction to this was the same wtf-ness I felt when I realized they made a movie involving the Roxbury Guys back in the '90s. It turns out they are both pretty similar, and if you leave your sense of reasoning at home, you'll find MacGruber to be quite an enjoyable movie".

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PaPa-Slam5137d ago

Just saw this movie today with my Brother & it sure was Bad, but it had it moments.


My Anxiety Personified In "Inside Out 2" - Review | Everyone Gaming

Inside Out 2 has got to be the animation movie of the year for me so far. It had everything I wanted from the original and so much more I never could have anticipated. From the very first opening scene with that nostalgic, wholesome piano keys of the theme sound from the first movie, it was like my soul was transported back into the feelings the first movie brought about while bringing me wholly into the world of the sequel.

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"Texas Chainsaw Massacre Pinball" for "Pinball M" Review \\ paulsemel

This horror movie-inspired virtual pinball table is a bloody good time (sorry).

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rpad9d ago

wow. that looks just like my pinball-torture basement!


10 LGBTQ+ Movies and Shows to Celebrate Pride Month With

If you're looking for something to watch this Pride Month, then check out these movies and shows celebrating unique LGBTQ identities.

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