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How Megan Fox Can Get Her Groove Back

PopEater writes: "Megan Fox was unceremoniously dumped by Michael Bay from the next 'Transformers' film (or, if you believe her, she quit -- who should we believe?). Even though she had become a superstar from these films, it probably wasn't the wisest idea to go around badmouthing Bay and the series. As he proved, Michael Bay needs Megan Fox a lot less than Megan Fox needs Michael Bay. Don't believe us? Michael Bay's last film, 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,' was critically annihilated -- yet it made $836 million worldwide. Fox's latest movie, 'Jennifer's Body' -- which was equally demolished by critics -- made just $31 million worldwide."

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darklordzor4759d ago

Maybe it's not that she bad mouths her directors. Maybe it's just the fact that she's a terrible actress that is keeping her down. She can't act and the only thing going for her is looks. What she needs to do to 'get her groove back' is have some actual talent.

Cyrus3654759d ago (Edited 4759d ago )

She'll only last so long, as a terrible actress, getting by on locks, there are dime dozen actresses like that who get replaced yearly when they become the "Hot" thing in Hollywood. If she can't act, or evolve, she'll be long forgotten.

But yeah definitely lose the attitude, like your amazing, and stop treating people crap, and slamming director who are giving you breaks, and start acting professional would definitely help.

SlaughterMeister4759d ago

She's really not a bad actress, she's just not being challenged. All she's seen as is a pretty face, so no one wants to hire her for anything besides stupid, plot-less, teen flicks.

Transformers 2 was a TERRIBLE movie, all-around. The first one was at least entertaining, but wasn't really that great. Jennifer's Body looks like total crap too. What Megan Fox needs is a few months out of the tanning bed, a little less makeup, and a good script.

But, of course, she's absolutely gorgeous, so no one wants to take her seriously. We all just expect that good-looking people amount to nothing more than what's skin deep.

Killzone3Helghast4759d ago

I imagine she would do good in a porno?..

Am I rite or am I rite?

klado4759d ago

No you are not! thank you.

darklordzor4759d ago

Meh...with her attitude her hotness level goes way down.

PS360WII4759d ago

Seeing that she still is an actress right now she has the potential to grow either that or she does have the avenue of just going into modeling.

Cyrus3654758d ago

The attitude won't take you far, even if your a decent/good actor, just ask Val Kilmer, he was supposedly notoriously difficult to get along with, direct, ect. That people just ended up not working with him much.

Now imagine that on a person who can't even act.

darklordzor4758d ago

Yeah now look at Kilmer, he's fat, and doing terrible SNL movies. He's fallen far from Batman.