Grease Sing-A-Long trailer dances onto the web

Paramount Pictures is re-releasing Grease in the movie theaters this Summer, but with an added twist: it's a Sing-A-Long version. Check out the latest trailer to see how the new addition will work and warm up those vocal chords.

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PS360WII3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

This is actually pretty cool though the movie has been out for a long time so I think those who want to know the words know them already.

darklordzor3694d ago

Yeah, my wife is a huge Grease fan, and she has the soundtrack and sings all of the words. It's coming to a theater near us so I'm positive we'll end up going.

Ru3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

your suppose to go to theater and make noise?
this is all to silly for me.
I hope somebody records this activity and puts it on the net for me to laugh at!

oh god the pain... my ears are bleeding

jarodwarren3694d ago

Lol, brings back memories of Buffy's "Once More With Feeling" episode from Season Six. Karaoke groups will always have their unique niche.

darklordzor3694d ago

You know when I first heard about this, the first thing that popped into my head were all of those ridiculous Land Before Time sing-along videos...those were terrible.

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