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The 15 best monologues of the 90s

The monologue can be an actor's defining moment, and it's their best opportunity to demonstrate their prowess. Ranging from the comical to the dramatic, The Movie Pool takes a look at the best monologues 90s films could provide.

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jarodwarren4878d ago

Some really great moments here! Any others that anyone can think of? Like Brad Pitt's monologue in Fight Club.

darklordzor4878d ago

Yeah I'm surprised that nothing came out of Fight Club, and I was hoping to see some love for 'Independence Day' on here. You know the speech the President gave at the end before they flew up to beat the hell out of the aliens.

amsdesignphoto4878d ago

I can't remember when I first saw 'Silence of the Lambs,' but I was quite young. I recall his monologue vividly. It's been years since I have seen the film, but it left a lasting impression with me. The thought of it sends chills down my back.

Great list!

jarodwarren4877d ago

Independence Day did have a great scene with Bill Pullman inspiring the troops. It was up for contention, but got dropped because, while powerful, it was obligatory. It spoke volumes about patriotism and devotion to human ideals and way of life, but considering the thematic elements it was almost required after the world took such a beating.

And Fight Club, though another great film by David Fincher with probably Pitt's best character performance since 12 Monkeys, the elements of his monologues were simply to stage emotional and mental guidelines in the film or rather the barriers to the journey of "Jack"s pathos as he "grows" in the film. It's very much a Uatu moment in the film as the clues are given that the characters are one and the same. Though inspiring and empowering (on a fatalistic humanism standpoint) they were more flavor for the characters than revelations. It doesn't hurt the film overall and it's still one of my favorites of all time, but it couldn't cut the mustard when facing up to the other selections.


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