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Slant Magazine: Survival of the Dead Review

Slant Magazine:

Survival of the Dead plays embarrassingly like a parody of the yukfests George A. Romero's Dead movies have inspired over the years. The film, picking up "six days after the dead began to walk," follows the rogue army brigade that briefly intersected with the camera-wielding horndogs from the undervalued Diary of the Dead to an island off the coast of Delaware, where tensions flare hotter than ever between the paterfamilias of two ever-sparring, gun-wielding clans: the O'Flynns and the Muldoons. It's a whole lot of blood-splattered blarney, with the rising dead still chomping at the bit but producing scant symbolic friction. They're almost beside the point this time, and when their skulls are blown to smithereens, it's with a flippant gusto that will satisfy only diehard Romero fans who still dream of being cast as zombies in one of the maestro's movies.

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