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Jackie Brown prequel titled "The Switch" is ready to take off but Tarantino is not involved


It seems as though a prequel has already been written to JACKIE BROWN titled, THE SWITCH.

Now before we get ahead of ourselves, let me say this: Tarantino has given his blessing on the project, but is not involved. We have to get that straight just so the internet isn't crazed with "Tarantino's doing a prequel to JACKIE BROWN!" because that's not the case.

With that out of the way, here's the deets.

Like I said, the project is titled, THE SWITCH after the name of the book that's being adapted for the screenplay. Dan Schechter penned the script and is working with Michael Siegel (CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, BE COOL) as a producer. Author of THE SWITCH, Elmore Leonard will be executive producer to the film. Schechter's directorial debut GOODBYE BABY has had some decent press and will be preemed at The Slamdance Film Festival. Currently, there is no studio attached. However, the script is done and the search for a director and cast is about to begin.

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