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Whose fault is it that 'Robin Hood' is terrible?

Seatle PI writes: "By now everyone knows that Ridley Scott's Robin Hood isn't very good. First the French learned it, at Cannes, and then the rest of the world learned it, through the usual non-Cannes channels. With many bad movies, it's hard to determine where, exactly, things went wrong. Plenty of so-so scripts are made lousy by poor direction; a cast of bad actors can ruin even a good screenplay; sometimes the dialogue is so cheesy no amount of quality acting can save it; sometimes Martin Lawrence has accidentally been hired. But with Robin Hood, it's easy to pin the blame. Let us do that now."

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j_Regino4424d ago (Edited 4424d ago )

Dude, I love you so much for this.. You took the words right out of my freakin mouth

PS360WII4424d ago

Well it can also be the audience that make a movie bad by not liking it. If indie c grade movie can get massive cult followings it just shows that by not going into a movie with expectations you might walk away enjoying it.

A bad movie can still be enjoyed by the masses and a good movie can be hated just as readily. All depends on what the people want out of said movie.

Still, the earlier script they talked about with it being the sheriffs point of view did sound pretty interesting, but then Maleficent wouldn't be as original ;)

darklordzor4424d ago

Just like how many people liked Transformers 2 even though it was a terrible film.

I still want to watch it to see (mostly because I love Robin Hood stuff) but my expectations were never that high.

Ngai4424d ago

Maybe i'll give it a shot to see how terrible it is lol