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Top 10 Movies Coming Out That We Hope Wont Suck

Digital Trends writes: "Here is our short list of movies coming out that we think stand a chance at being a box office success. Do you agree?

1) Avatar 2 & 3


Yeah, the first Avatar has just been released on DVD, and yeah, the sequel and possible third entry are still in the negotiating stages (which is likely just James Cameron smiling with open arms as Fox piles big bags with dollar signs into his open arms), but as soon as Cameron said that he originally foresaw Avatar as a trilogy, he instantly guaranteed himself several hundreds of millions of dollars of our money that we will gladly fork over."

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Cyrus3654760d ago

Avatar 2 and 3? Has it been confirmed it'll be a trilogy?

Looking forward to tron, and the comic book movies, but a lot could change.

darklordzor4760d ago

It's not a confirmed trilogy but every time James Cameron talks about a sequel he always mentions it was originally planned to be a trilogy.

Cyrus3654760d ago

Great, that's something to look forward to, but knowning james cameron, it'll be like 10 years before we see all 3, if it happens.

PS360WII4760d ago

Bah the man doesn't even remember the original Dark Crystal but still questions why people what a sequel?! No the movie was not targeted for little boys and girls it was meant for all to watch even adults.

"30-year-olds that love muppets? A somewhat odd and potentially creepy group." He forgets who watched The Muppet Show when it aired.. you know 30 year olds and up along with younger folk.

darklordzor4760d ago

Yeah the man doesn't really seem to know what he's talking about. The Dark Crystal remains one of the most popular films for many people. Adults were actually the main audience when it first released, but also had appeal for the kids.

The article really makes me question how old this writer is. I'm guessing pretty young.