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The 28 Coolest Gadgets, Tools & Technologies on "Lost"

Maximum PC writs: "#14 - Faraday's Time Travel Machine

The fruits of research that “Oxford frowns upon,” Daniel Faraday’s energy-zapping apparatus can’t send a physical being forward in time, but it can send forward that being’s consciousness. Faraday demonstrates this by showering his rat Eloise with a shaft of whatever it is that the machine cooks up, and then sends off the rodent to navigate a wooden maze. Eloise completes her test with flying colors -- nice work for a rat that won’t be taught the course until one hour in the future. As Faraday puts it, his machine is designed to “unstick Eloise in time” (an allusion to Billy Pilgrim’s condition in Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five). We’re never really told how Faraday’s machine works, but its settings -- provided by Desmond, a time traveler from the Future himself -- are 2.342 and 11Hz. What this means in the context of “Lost” mythology is anyone’s guess."

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