And the replacement for Megan Fox in Transformers 3 is...

GeekWeek has received the scoop that Victoria Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is going to be cast as the new female lead, opposite Shia Labeouf in the upcoming 'Transformers 3'.

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j_Regino4462d ago

Anyone can bend over a car and run through a green screen. I want know if she can act.

darklordzor4462d ago

That's exactly what I care about. Eye candy didn't work in the last film (Fox's character was entirely useless and added nothing to the plot) so we need a character that can add something to the film. The film doesn't need another girl for Shia to drool over.

amsdesignphoto4461d ago

I hope that she can impress but I have a feeling I'll be sorely disappointed. Suppose we shall find out. Let's hope for an improvement!

darklordzor4462d ago

This also brings up the interesting question as to how they'll explain away Fox's character? Maybe just say they broke up at the beginning or something...Hopefully nothing cheesy though.

PS360WII4461d ago

yeah one line of dialogue solves that problem.

Optimus Prime - "Where's your old flame Sam

Sam - "Oh she was killed by the Decepticons no worries, but hey did you meet so and so?"

and done ^^

darklordzor4461d ago

Awesome. You should write these scripts. Even though you're joking, this is probably exactly how that will play out.

SlaughterMeister4461d ago

And there's the nail in the series' coffin.

darklordzor4461d ago

I think that nail went to the twins. They were terrible and I hope the rumors are true that they won't be returning.

thorstein4461d ago

I hope that was sarcasm because the cartoon movie was better than these.

JL4461d ago (Edited 4461d ago )

Really the only thing this series had going for it was it looks good. Other than that it's the same ol' generic waterdowned intellectual property that Hollywood got its hook in and spent a bunch of money to make it look good but absolute no effort really to give any substance.

BTW, the twins were kinda funny at some times. "It's supposed to hurt, it's called an ass whoopin" lol that line stands out from the whole movie.