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11 Fan made movie posters paint a grim look at the future of sequels

Sequelitis is a disease many movie studios fall prey to. Taking a jab at the growing trend, various artists have created movie posters to highlight what the future of films might look like if the endless train of sequels continues. While it's not pretty maybe these hilarious posters can serve as a warning before it's too late.

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mediafrenzii4940d ago

The Home Alone 12 and Sex in the City were great!

amsdesignphoto4940d ago

I was laughing so hard when I saw some of the designs. People had quite a few clever ones. I wish I could have known about the contest because I would have participated in it.

darklordzor4940d ago

My favorite is the "Gums/Jaws" one. Just the pictures of them on the back are hilarous. The Iron Man poster is actually pretty impressive looking. Someone worked hard on that beast.

amsdesignphoto4939d ago

No kidding! The Iron Man one floored me. They all had their superb qualities about them. I do feel the "Gums/Jaws" one was the best of them on for laughter quality. I'm still laughing about it. Sheer genius! Times like this make me enjoy being a designer. O the joys!

darklordzor4939d ago

I just want to know how they made everyone look so much older. The Sex in the City one is impressive. I know they are old but they're not that old. That's some good work there.

amsdesignphoto4939d ago

It's a lot of Photoshop layers - accenting their natural wrinkles. Then to create wrinkles a lot of it has to do with adding in shadows and highlights like in a drawing. Additional work would be with the liquify tool to increase nose size, etc. Usually all the work is done on a tablet (like WACOM) which gives you more control on your lines then using a mouse. I've tried aging and it isn't my speciality. My speciality is taking about 10 years off a person :)


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