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Twilight: Eclipse Movie Clips

Two juicy clips for 'Eclipse: Twilight' have surfaced into the world wide web. Fuel the fire by digging into these teaser previews for the upcoming release on June 30.

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mediafrenzii3981d ago

Not a big fan of the series but might give it a chance.

darklordzor3981d ago

This is my problem with Twilight, it's not awell written book. They're terrible. The story really isn't bad, but it's hard for me to get past the bad writing. As far as the movies go...It could have had potential, but bad acting and obviously rushed production keeps it back.

PS360WII3980d ago

but Blink-182 said that if you you didn't watch Twilight it's like saying you never watched Star Wars.... ><

I never cared for Blink 182 and now I know why ;)

darklordzor3980d ago

Ha! Any comparison to Star Wars and Twilight is a joke. At least Star Wars was good and entertaining.

amsdesignphoto3980d ago

something about Star Wars has always cracked me up. I don't know why.