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Vanessa Williams joining Desperate Housewives

Vanessa Williams is to star in Desperate Housewives. The actress will play a 'wicked new housewife' when she joins the hit US show next season.

Vanessa is thrilled with her new role after playing evil Wilhelmina Slater in axed series Ugly

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The Boyfriend Episodes 1-3 Review: Slow Burning Game of Push and Pull - Filmzzine

The Boyfriend Episodes 1-3 Review: The Japanese dating reality show follows a group of men who must forge new connection while living together.

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4 Times Teen TV Boyfriends Were The Absolute Worst

Why did viewers find these TV boyfriends so hot when they were the literal worst?

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Douglas Is Cancelled: Season 1 Review

Karen Gillan shines as she plays opposite Hugh Bonneville in a mini-series about a veteran journalist who might get cancelled due to an off-color joke.

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