TheGuardian: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Review

TheGuardian writes: "Equipped with a chunked-up physique and a surprisingly accurate English accent, Jake Gyllenhaal makes a play for the family blockbuster market, as the lead actor in an expensive-looking film based, inevitably, on a video game. He plays a prince called Dastan in some nebulous region of medieval-era Middle East, who via a series of painfully complicated events, finds himself in possession of a mean-looking dagger that, via the sand grains in its hilt, can stop time and enable its operator to change things to his or her satisfaction. (Presumably, it's equally useful as a function on a gamer's control pad)".

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PS360WII4464d ago

Well he didn't like it.

"Kingsley's badness is supposed to be a surprise, but so satanic are his little goatee and kohl-caked eyes that it's telegraphed from the very first frame."

I always liked the shocked looked on the faces of those who thought the 'evil looking' friend would help out.