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Resident Evil: Afterlife follows 3D trend

Resident Evil's fourth installment heads down the path of overdone 3D technology. RE4's set decorator spills the beans as to what goes into the extensive understanding of 3D technology for this fall release. Will 'RE: Afterlife' be a success in this technological frenzy?

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mediafrenzii4762d ago

Part three was a little lacking so maybe this will give this installment a much needed boost. Then again maybe not.

darklordzor4761d ago

Part 3 was very lacking and didn't follow much of the video games. This one looks like it's pulled straight out of the games so hopefully the story is a little better.

jarodwarren4758d ago

They diverted so strangely in the middle of Apocalypse that Extinction was a complete mess. Visually catchy, but nonetheless unengaged for fans of the VG series. Nonetheless, Afterlife may be able to breathe some needed life into the undead series by getting back to the VG roots. Still, it most likely will not top the first film, as it Anderson took it straight from the visual feel of what Capcom created. I guess we'll see. I just hate that the Cameron Fusion "I'm Better Than All Of You Combined" 3D Camera System is being employed just to hype it. Retarded marketing ploys. Le Sigh!