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TheHDRoom: Edge of Darkness Blu-ray Review

"All of Mel Gibson's pent up anger at misguided life choices is put on display in Edge of Darkness, a theatrical adaptation of the 1985 BBC miniseries as much an audition for Mel's future as anything else..."

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Why Did People Hate the Batman: The Killing Joke Movie?

Based on the wildly popular 1988 comic book one-shot by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland, the anticipation soared for Batman: The Killing Joke movie. But why didn't it deliver in the end?

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The War of the Roses Remake to Feature All-Star British Cast

The War of the Roses Remake to feature British stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Olivia Colman as Oliver and Barbara Rose.


Emile Hirsch Calls for IMAX Re-release of Speed Racer - Nerd Reactor

Speed Racer star Emile Hirsch has recently hinted at an upcoming 4K Blu-ray and an IMAX rerelease.

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