Custom Batpod

Yes, that most dangerous two-wheeled of Batman rides can finally be yours. This Custom Batpod ($100,000/obo) is a full scale 1:1 working replica of Batman's motorcycle from The Dark Knight, powered by a high output 650cc 4 stroke, water cooled engine with direct port nitrous injection, sitting on wheels that are 508mm across and complete with custom metal arm guards to hide the controls.


Christian Bale on Batman: 'I didn't quite nail it'

Christian Bale took on the role of Batman for three motion picture releases, however it seems the actor wasn't pleased with his performance.


The Dark Knight 4: How Christian Bale's Batman Can Return

With Robert Pattinson, Ben Affleck, and Michael Keaton all appearing as Batman within a 12-month span, the DC film universe is eating good. But could we eat more?

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Actors Who Shut the Naysayers with Their Performance

While some actors are natural choices for some roles, others needed some convincing with the audience. Daniel Craig, for one, was not the most popular choice as James Bond when he was cast. But he did such a brilliant job that he is leaving a legacy that’s hard to follow. With him, here is a list of actors who were unlikely choices for iconic roles but turned in stellar performances.

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