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Top 40 movies not out on Blu-ray

CNET: "One of the reasons people like to give for not buying a Blu-ray player is that there just aren't that many Blu-ray discs out there and that a lot of great movies haven't come out on Blu-ray. That's not totally true. There are a lot of movies out on Blu-ray--over 2,000, in fact--and more are being released every month.

That said, plenty of movies have yet to be given the Blu-ray treatment. A good portion of those movies are bad or inconsequential, and you probably don't care whether they make it to Blu-ray or not (or they're fine on DVD). But we're concerned about the good stuff that's not available, which is why I've put together this list of key movies that aren't out yet on Blu-ray."

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WhereTheBuffalo4763d ago

Glad to see Deer Hunter and Apocalypse Now on the list.