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Videogames That Would Make Awesome Films

Videogames just like film is just another way to provide entertainment only using a different medium. So, why haven’t the two merged together to provide something truly spectacular? Quick cash-ins? Crappy scripts? Directors not understanding source material....

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darklordzor4386d ago

This list is really nothing new. They're just picking the same thing every other gamer in the world has already thought and blogged about. For a good/unique list why not go with lesser known games?

PS360_374385d ago

the only game i cant see making movie is GOW 3.

Loved the game, but it just wouldn't translate into a movie.

Darrius Cole4385d ago

No movie could ever be as good as Metal Gear Solid 1, 2, 3, or 4.

michael10234385d ago

Probably because MGS franchise is basically a game/movie epic-ly done and meshed together

darklordzor4382d ago

MGS is basically a movie that you play, so that's why I kind of hope it never gets made into a movie. There's no way they could really do the story justice, and without David Hayter's voice as Snake, it just wouldn't be Metal Gear.