Survivor and Big Bang Theory Moving to New Nights

CBS has been doing quite well for years, with a very stable lineup of shows. However, while they don't have a ton of new shows on their schedule this fall, the network definitely proved they weren't being complacent, as they made some big, bold moves with two notable series.

After years and years of airing Thursdays at 8:00, Survivor is moving to a new night: Wednesdays at 8:00. And having grown in the last couple of years into a formidable hit of its own, The Big Bang Theory will be moving from CBS's very successful comedy block to Thursdays at 8:00, where it will be paired with new comedy $#*! My Dad Says (yes, that is the title they are using for now, while referring to it out loud as Bleep My Dad Says).

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darklordzor4425d ago

Man I hope this move doesn't kill Big Bang Theory. That's a great show, and deserves to be on their top line-up.