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Transformers 3 Guaranteed to Be a Little Less Foxy

UGO writes: "Here's a bit of unexpected news:

According to Deadline, Michael Bay has reportedly dropped his Transformers leading lady Megan Fox from the latest installment. That's right, never again will we see something as gratuitous as the humped-over-a-motorcycle moment in Transformers 3. How will we survive?!"

darklordzor4942d ago

I seriously doubt this one. Pretty much Meagan Fox's only role in that film was to be eye candy with shots like that and her running in slow motion. She added nothing else to the film as far as plot or depth goes.

Really think on the film and all of the scenes she was in. If all of those were cut, the film would be about the same.

I hope this turns out to be true but based on what Bay's done in the past it's hard to believe.

Ru4942d ago

I could care less if she is not in 3 either.
But she is nice to look at.
Maybe this is just a media ploy to gather attention?

Cyrus3654941d ago

She is there for eye candy, pretty much every actress bay has had in transformer is there for eye candy.

darklordzor4941d ago

Yeah I can't imagine this new love interest they have for him in '3' being much more than Fox was. Just something to gawk at.

Faztkiller4941d ago

I like a little eye candy in my films

I might be In the minority but I enjoyed the Transformers movies and can't wait to the 3rd I can't imagine the next one not having Fox

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