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Weekend Box Office Predictions Game: Shrek Defuses MacGruber?

"Shrek Forever After is the big question mark in this latest round of the Weekend Box Office Prophet Game where you predict what five films will make in ticket sales in the upcoming weekend.."

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darklordzor4381d ago

I'm willing to be money Shrek beats out MacGruber, even with the mediocre reviews. Shrek has more universal appeal and will be bringing in the families. MacGruber is more niche.

Ru4381d ago

Yeah I think MacGruber was destined to do poorly.
Shrek on the other hand always does well.
Even tho this is the last shrek apprently they could keep on making em and they would keep on doing really well just because of the family friendlyness it has.
Hell I dont even mind watching some shrek, So if there was a movie I had to watch with kids... Shrek is a great option.