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Who to Blame? The 5 Biggest Culprits in American Idol's Worst Season

MovieLine: Even if Crystal Bowersox ranks among American Idol’s finest talents (and I believe she does), something’s rotten in the state of Seacrest this year. Last season, Idol rejuvenated itself with a blend of personalities — from subtle craftsman Kris Allen to sparkle sorcerer Adam Lambert. This season’s Idol cast is dogged by a number of distracting elements — and worst, the Idol-consuming populace is confused over the true culprits in this fiasco. Thus, we’re ranking the five biggest contributors to Idol’s weakest year. Hopefully number one will start to garner the skewering it deserves. Daggers ready!

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The Boyfriend Episodes 1-3 Review: Slow Burning Game of Push and Pull - Filmzzine

The Boyfriend Episodes 1-3 Review: The Japanese dating reality show follows a group of men who must forge new connection while living together.

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4 Times Teen TV Boyfriends Were The Absolute Worst

Why did viewers find these TV boyfriends so hot when they were the literal worst?

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Douglas Is Cancelled: Season 1 Review

Karen Gillan shines as she plays opposite Hugh Bonneville in a mini-series about a veteran journalist who might get cancelled due to an off-color joke.

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