Live TV 'penis' gaffe leaves US news presenters red-faced

A US news presenter left colleagues stunned and embarrassed when he blurted out "So she's enjoying penis a little bit more is she?" live on air.

Admittedly, ABC 26 news anchor Michael Hill came out with the line following a report on a new treatment for female sexual dysfunction -- but that really didn't make matters much better.

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PS360WII4757d ago

ha yeah I saw this a bit ago. Poor guy and this just after the golf channel lady said Tiger is suffering from a bulging d--- rather than a bulging disc.

This is what happens when you start reporting about random junk rather than.... "news"

Cat4757d ago

seriously??? (to the Tiger thing)

Well, the most exciting part of the Masters was when the announcer said Tiger had maintained a 69.


PS360WII4757d ago

oh yeah it did

Got to hand it to anyone in the news biz. Live tv can be a slippery slope.