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Yahoo Movies Review: Shrek Forever After

Yahoo Movies: Given that "Shrek Forever After" is the first film in the franchise in 3-D, it's surprisingly flat — and we're not just talking about the look of it.

This fourth and allegedly final installment in the series is lifeless, joyless and woefully devoid of the upbeat energy that distinguished the earlier movies — well, at least the first two. If "Shrek the Third" from 2007 felt tired, "Shrek Forever After" is practically narcoleptic.

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darklordzor4386d ago

This review brings me much sorrow! I had such hopes for this film, as it looked like they were finally getting back to the whimsical comedy that made the first two great. I didn't like the 3rd film at all, and comparing the 4th to it, just makes my heart sink...