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12 Fan Made Movie Posters To Rule Them All

Movies Online writes: "I am a nut for posters and nothing annoys me more then the floating head poster designs that studios love so much. Its as if there is a lack of talent in the poster making business which is why every time I find a cool one I download it and store it on my computer for future viewing pleasure."

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darklordzor4771d ago

You know it's been my experience that most fan-made stuff (art work, posters, videos) turn out better than the official stuff that comes out. These are pretty sweet though.

amsdesignphoto4761d ago

Fan made artwork should be competing against the final artwork chosen for the posters. This set wasn't as great I was anticipated. There were a couple that stood out overall ie: Predators (for simplicity), Avatar, Green Lantern (for Photoshop talent), and Cpt America (bottom one - definitely see it hanging up in a theater).

Cyrus3654770d ago

i liked the Captain America one, can't picture M. Fox as Wonder Woman though.