Complete List of 30+ Upcoming 3D Horror Movies

Movies Online writes: "Hot off the heels of me doing a piece on all the Upcoming Horror Remakes it got me thinking. Have you ever wondered just how many 3D movies are in the pipes? How about how many 3D Horror Movies are up and coming? Well your in luck because I have compiled a list of all the upcoming 3D Horror movies and although some sound cool when I finished writing this piece I was left with the very distinct question.. why? 3D technology is slick but to often I am hearing how filmmakers are making films geared for 3D rather then focusing on the other elements that make a film great. A strong script, great casting. 3D is great for filling seats but you cant commit all your time and resources just to 3D."

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darklordzor4467d ago

Geez that's a lot of horror films. I guess like in the 70s these companies are under the impression that 3D makes everything better, so just get them out there. Too bad it doesn't really work that way.

Cyrus3654466d ago

Not all of these are 3D movies, just talked about. Talk about 3D Movie overkill.