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The Office Without Steve Carell?

Could The Office continue without Michael Scott? Steve Carell has recently said he doesn't see himself staying with the series after his contract ends at the end of Season 7 next May. Asked about this during a conference call today, NBC's Angela Bromstad said, "Steve is incredibly important to the show and we hope we can keep him for a long time." However, she added, "Whether or not he stays with The Office, it's also a priority to launch a new comedy [hit]."

WhereTheBuffalo4766d ago

Steve Carell IS the office. If he doesn't return, NBC better call it quits and cancel the show.

Ru4765d ago

7 seasons is enough anyhow.

JL4765d ago

Yea, while there are some characters I think are awesome on that show (Dwight), there is no Office without Steve. Hell it started to almost suck when they split up Jim and Dwight (Jim at the other branch) and they couldn't have their lil spats. And Steve carries more of that show then their lil "feud", so it would crumble without him.

I do love Jim-vs-Dwight though. That time Jim dressed up as Dwight....."MICHAEL!" ; lol or the paper mache desk thing or putting all Dwight's stuff in the vending machine. That shit is hilarious. But Michael does carry that show, wouldn't be the same at all without him. And I gotta take my hat off to Steve and the writers, cause the Michael character is great. Well, he sucks, but that's the point. Never in my life have I been so embarrassed for a character that it hurts me to watch. And I actually mean that as a compliment.