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Judge Dredd 3D Has A Start Date

Empire writes: "You may remember the news a few days ago that Judge Dredd is returning to our screens with a new director, Pete Travis, and a script by Alex Garland. Well, following the official announcement of the project in Cannes yesterday, we also have a start date and shooting location: the last quarter of this year, in Johannesburg."

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Ru4433d ago

"won't be like the Sylvester Stallone film"
Well thats too bad...
I wonder who there gonna get to play Dredd?
I cant imagine anyone but Stallone playing him!

Cyrus3654432d ago

I thought the first one was so bad, it was good, it was hilarious!

darklordzor4432d ago

Yeah the first movie was so terrible, it was actually kind of good, and I remember it fondly only for that reason. It would be hard to pick another Judge Dredd, but hopefully they'll find someone decent. Maybe Gerard Butler, or the guy they have playing Thor?