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Fox Developing Napoleon Dynamite Animated Series

An animated television series based on the 2004 film Napoleon Dynamite is currently in development at Fox, a network spokesperson has confirmed to FishbowlLA.

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Ru4385d ago

I guess I'll have to see proof that this will be freekin sweet.
Hopefully it follows a bevis and butthead format.... j/k?

darklordzor4385d ago

Why, God why?! This move makes absolutely no sense. The film was only OK (at best) because of its quirkiness, but I can't see them making an entire series based off of it. It'll make money at first because of a bunch of younger kids, but after a few episodes it'll start to get old very quickly.

Then again Fox isn't known for it's great choices when it comes to animated stuff. They cancel the ones that work and try and stick with ones that don't.

Ru4384d ago

Like Futuramma! Your right, Fox has no brains when it comes to many things. One being animated TV shows!
Two being everything else.

WhereTheBuffalo4384d ago

Is this really necessary? I feel like the people behind this idea missed their window of opportunity.

darklordzor4384d ago

That's a good point. Why not do this back when it first became popular. I mean nothing those filmmakers have done since became very popular, so even their new stuff is failing. Returning to this 'world' feels desperate.