'Twilight' time on baby names

Riding a wave of "Twilight" mania, Isabella, the name of the lead character in the vampire movie series, replaced Emma as the top name for baby girls born in the United States last year.

Isabella, the name of the "Twilight" character played by Kristen Stewart, has been in the top 10 of girls' names since 2004.

Jacob -- the name of another "Twilight" character, a werewolf played by actor Taylor Lautner -- remained the most popular choice for boys for the 11th straight year, the Social Security Administration said yesterday. The agency began keeping such statistics in 1997.

darklordzor4762d ago

This just makes me sad, and really makes me wonder about the state of people's intelligence. I read these books, and they read like a 5th grade wrote them. They are terrible writter, awful prose, and a story that's been done before. I don't know how it got so popular!