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New Iron Sky Teaser Trailer

SlashFilm: We haven’t covered Iron Sky much, despite the fact that it is a sci-fi comedy about Nazis attacking Earth from their base on the moon. We haven’t done a lot of coverage because there hasn’t been much to cover besides a pre-production teaser and the basic concept itself. But now the production has shot some footage for the film, which is being financed piecemeal. A teaser has been assembled so you can get an idea of what to expect from the very high-concept flick.

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Ru4764d ago

Man, I hope they get the funding to finally make this damn thing into real full fledged movie! either that or a Video Game! even better both... I mean c'mon Nazi's in Space? what could make for a better movie/game?

darklordzor4764d ago

Space Nazi's are the worst...unless they're riding on bears. Then those are the worst. I too hope this movie can find some funding. Even if it was only a Syfy channel movie, it would probably be better than the crap they're putting out now.