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New Iron Sky Teaser Trailer

SlashFilm: We haven’t covered Iron Sky much, despite the fact that it is a sci-fi comedy about Nazis attacking Earth from their base on the moon. We haven’t done a lot of coverage because there hasn’t been much to cover besides a pre-production teaser and the basic concept itself. But now the production has shot some footage for the film, which is being financed piecemeal. A teaser has been assembled so you can get an idea of what to expect from the very high-concept flick.

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Ru5125d ago

Man, I hope they get the funding to finally make this damn thing into real full fledged movie! either that or a Video Game! even better both... I mean c'mon Nazi's in Space? what could make for a better movie/game?

darklordzor5125d ago

Space Nazi's are the worst...unless they're riding on bears. Then those are the worst. I too hope this movie can find some funding. Even if it was only a Syfy channel movie, it would probably be better than the crap they're putting out now.


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Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga Review | Resident Entertainment

"The stunts and special effects are very well done and this makes the action sequences some of the best you may see at the cinema this year. The story helps to expand the lore of the Mad Max universe and you'll learn a lot about how the Wasteland function. Overall it's a very interesting film and I'm happy to recommend this as something to see at the cinema this weekend." - Bryan (Resident Entertainment)

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