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Edge of Darkness Blu-ray Review (

Brash, thrilling, and unapologetic, director Pierre Morel's Taken arrived in style in 2008, dishing out a delicious helping of faux-gritty genre fun. But let's not delude ourselves. While it was immensely quotable ("what I do have are a very particular set of skills") and terribly satisfying, it wasn't groundbreaking by any means. It just did what it did extremely well.


Arthur the King review - ChristCenteredGamer

CCG writes - "Arthur the King is based off of the true story of a pro adventure racer named Michael Light. Pro adventure racers traverse over four hundred miles on dangerous terrain in a ten-day time-span. For context, an Ironman competition is 140 miles. "

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Top 12 Best Video Game Movie and TV Adaptations of All Time, Ranked

TNS: "Despite years of mindless cash-ins and unimaginative copy-paste borefests, video game adaptations have finally turned a corner! Here are the best of the best."

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The Top 10 Rarest Blu-Ray Movies That Are Worth a Small Fortune

Collecting Blu-Ray movies has gotten harder in the era of streaming - but you'll never believe how expensive these rare movies are.

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