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FirstShowing - Cannes Review: Gareth Edwards' Phenomenal Sci-Fi 'Monsters'


Monsters is a film that you can just sit back and enjoy, and it's not a sci-fi horror with jump scares, but it's about the struggles and the story of these two people. I will unquestionably be supporting this film as much as I possibly can and I hope it makes its way to theaters, because it truly deserves to be seen by audiences. If you love sci-fi at all, Monsters is definitely a must see film. I'm not the only one who loved it, either, as Alan Jones on Twitter saw it today, too, and said the following (which I completely agree with): "Best film so far is Gareth Edwards' amazing Monsters, brilliantly directed, wonderfully scripted, superbly acted, so moving."

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darklordzor4476d ago

Oh I love monster movies. I'm a sucker for them everytime. I'm looking forward to seeing this one!