JoBlo Interview: Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe


There was a fine group of gentlemen sitting, waiting to speak with the legendary director of GLADIATOR, ALIEN and BLADE RUNNER. While it was a bit of a long wait, Ridley Scott finally arrived. He told us about his recent knee replacement surgery, which sounded just horrible. Already, it was a spellbinding interview and we are just talking about his knee. And then came talk of his next venture, which is Alien. It seems strange to hear Mr. Scott talk about Alien and not the original classic film. But he is, and I can certainly say that I am more than a little curious.

But once Russell Crowe arrived, they started chatting about what it would be like to re-release GLADIATOR in 3D… but I doubt that will happen as Ridley doesn’t seem terribly interested in that. And of course, talk soon turned to their latest collaboration, ROBIN HOOD.