It's official: NBC cancels 'Law & Order'

It’s now official: NBC has pulled the plug on Law & Order just shy of a record-breaking 21st season. The series finale will air on May 24. The network also announced the renewal of Law & Order: SVU and the pickup of new spin-off Law & Order: Los Angeles.

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Ru4762d ago

I have to admit when nothing better is on TV I do enjoy some law and order.
But thankfully there are about 20 seasons I havent seen!!

darklordzor4762d ago

I can't believe they are cancelling a show that's been on as long as Law & Order. It's just been around forever! Not that it's a reason to keep it going, but it's just odd to see it go.

klado4762d ago

It as much as the other like criminal mind, so long L&O, won't miss you.