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Guardian: Nicolas Cage - Back on Top

Until recently, things weren't looking so good for Nicolas Cage. Guardian writes: "In the 90s he transformed from a geeky, twitchy presence in soft dramas like Moonstruck and Peggy Sue Got Married into the oddest action hero of all time. Unlike Stallone and Schwarzenegger, Cage was a true livewire, a psychotic, tender presence who could kick ass even while being a doting father; who could forget him brawling to the death for the sake of his son's soft toy in 1997's Con Air ("Put the bunny back in the box!"). Cage was something mainstream moviegoers and indie mavens could agree on, a soldier for hire who could be put to service by David Lynch in one of his dark, individualist fantasies or drafted in by Jerry Bruckheimer to serve time in a tour of blockbuster duty".

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