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Can One Bad Shot Ruin a Movie?

Dick Ward writes: "Is it possible for one terrible shot to ruin a movie? Did Neo flying destroy ‘The Matrix’ for you? How about when Chance walked on water at the end of ‘Being There?’ Or the first ‘X-Men’ movie, when Halle Berry uttered that awful line “Do you know what happens to a toad when it’s struck by lighting?”

I don’t know if there’s a single shot that can ruin a movie for me, but the one that gets closest is from a flick that’s widely considered to be one of the greatest of all time"

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PS360WII3989d ago

I though Chance walking out on water at the end was perfect. The man was rather not human thru the whole movie the way people reacted around the simple gardener...

Hmm there are many movies that have off moments but it is hard to kill a movie with one bad shot. In Falling Down I could have done without the Military Surplus scene but still developing the character I guess.

darklordzor3989d ago

I'm confused on how Neo flying in the Matrix could ruin anything. It was essential to show just how much he had freed his mind and was able to control the matrix around him. It was pivotal for the story, not bad at all.

gonzodamus3989d ago

Killed it for my dad anyway. I think mainly because it looked really silly. :)

darklordzor3988d ago

Well that's just bad effects. I didn't think it was too terrible. My dad didn't even understand the film. He had to watch it a couple times before he got it :)